3 Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection

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Electrical inspections can help alert you to any potential electricity-related safety hazards in your home. Here at OpenWindow Home Inspections, we offer an electrical inspection service to help provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical system is in good condition.

3 Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection

If you’re worried that there’s a problem with your home’s electrical system, be sure to call us for an inspection. Here are three of the top signs that you should look into hiring an electrical inspection service.

  • Burning smell. Electrical problems can result in fires, so if you notice a burning smell when you’re using your everyday appliances, you should schedule an electrical inspection service right away. Doing so can prevent a potential fire or other safety hazard in your home.
  • Strange noises. An odd sound, including buzzing or humming, coming from any part of your electrical system is abnormal and shouldn’t be ignored. These noises can point to many different issues depending on what’s going on with your system, but no matter what you think is causing these noises, you should have a professional take a look at your system.
  • Sparks. Do you frequently see sparks when plugging in an appliance? If so, don’t ignore them. Occasionally, you may see a spark when you plug something in, but if these sparks last longer than a brief second or are a frequent occurrence, there’s likely something wrong with your electrical system.

We want to help you stay safe, so we always make sure our electrical inspections are reliable at locating any issues or potential issues with your electrical system. For an electrical inspection service you can trust, be sure to reach out to our home inspection experts today.