Unique Benefits of a New Home Inspection

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Even new homes can have structural issues. If you’re buying a new construction home, a new home inspection is never a bad idea.

Unique Benefits of a New Home Inspection

Here are some of the unique things that can come from the new home inspection process:

  • Builder Guarantees- Any builder should offer a guarantee of their work. They stand behind what they do because they have faith that they are good at it. When you have a new home inspection done, you get even further guarantees. You hear from the builder, and our professional inspector, that the home is safe, sound, and ready for your family.
  • Insurance Coverage- Insurance agencies will charge you for anything they can. If you have a new home inspection done, you can let them know that everything checked out. If they understand that the house is safe because the professional inspector registered it as such, they may be able to give you a break on your insurance.
  • It’s a Catch-All- Lots of different people worked to build your new home. For example, the plumbing may have been outsourced to a plumber the contractor hadn’t used before, the electrical work was done by another company, and so on. The inspection helps to bring all of the different systems together and ensure each and every item was done correctly.

If you need a new home inspection, our professionals at OpenWindow Home Inspections are here to help. Give us a call, and we’ll look over the home inside and out, from top to bottom, and let you know if anything’s amiss.