What to Expect From Your Attic Inspection

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If you’ve recently hired an attic inspection service, you’ll likely want to know what to expect. After all, it’s important to make sure any service you hire for your home is as stress-free for you as possible, and part of eliminating stress is being prepared.

What to Expect From Your Attic Inspection

To help you feel informed about this home inspection, here are a few of the top things to expect from an attic inspection service.

  • Insulation inspection. Assessing the state of your insulation is one of the biggest parts of an attic inspection. Damaged or incorrectly installed insulation in your attic can cause poor energy efficiency, which can have a major impact on your utility bill. Not only will your bills be affected, but your HVAC system can struggle when there’s poor insulation, as it has to work harder to heat and cool your home. If an attic inspection reports that your insulation is in poor condition, you should prioritize having new insulation installed.
  • Pest location. Are you worried about a potential pest presence in your attic? If so, it helps to know that an attic inspection includes searching for signs of a pest problem. While your home inspector isn’t a pest control expert, they can let you know whether or not you should look into hiring pest control services.
  • Leak detection. No homeowner wants to deal with a leak, but it’s better to locate a leak that you didn’t know about than deal with the effects once they worsen. Leaks can be caused by a variety of different problems, but no matter what is causing a leak in your attic, your inspector can let you know where the leak is so you can take the next steps to resolve it.

We are committed to providing the best home inspection services possible here at OpenWindow Home Inspections, so if you need your attic or other area of your home checked out by a professional, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.