When is a Foundation Inspection Necessary?

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When was the last time you had the foundation of your home checked out by a professional foundation inspection service? The state of your home’s foundation can affect many other parts of your home, including the drainage system or structural integrity. While it’s unnecessary to have a foundation inspection done on a frequent basis, it’s still important to know when this service is necessary.

When is a Foundation Inspection Necessary?

You should always have a foundation inspection service done when you suspect foundation issues. Some of these issues and warning signs of a major problem include sudden uneven floors, door and window frames pulling away, cracking in the walls, drywall, or home exterior, and more. Whenever you have a concern with the state of your home that you think may be related to the foundation, it’s better to be safe than sorry and reach out to a foundation inspection service.

Foundation inspections are also helpful in scenarios where you don’t necessarily suspect there are any problems. For example, say you’re planning on selling your home. Potential home buyers will want to know that the home they’re considering buying is in good condition. Hiring a foundation inspection before you put your home on the market is a green flag for potential buyers, as they know that such a crucial part of your home’s well-being has been looked at by a professional, and any potential issues have been located or repaired.

No matter what your reason is for wanting a foundation inspection done for your home, you can count on us here at OpenWindow Home Inspections for a thorough inspection service. Every inspection we do is performed with the utmost expertise and attention to detail, so call us today for your home inspection needs.