Why Septic Inspections are Necessary

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Before buying a new home, you should always have the property inspected to make sure that all its major systems are in good working order. In particular, you should have the septic system checked out to ensure you aren’t in for any nasty surprises down the line. Our team at OpenWindow Home Inspections is here to take care of all your home inspection needs, and that includes handling septic inspections. In this article, we will go over a few reasons why septic inspections are absolutely necessary.

Why Septic Inspections are Necessary

To Help You Make an Informed Decision

The condition of a property’s septic system is very important, and that information will influence your decision to go through with the purchase or not. We want to help you avoid a situation in which you move into your new home only to get hit with a septic emergency immediately after, so we encourage you to make use of our septic inspection services.

To Prevent Septic Issues

In addition to having the system inspected before you buy a home, you should also continue to get regular septic inspections after you move in and should do so approximately every other year. Our septic inspections experts will thoroughly examine every part of your system to check that everything is in good working order, and if we notice any issues, we will inform you at once and then take the necessary steps to correct the problem before it gets worse. Regular septic inspections will help you keep your system in better long-term condition and prevent any major disasters.

Did You Know?

Did you know that septic systems actually have maintenance items that actually should be done annually? Maintenance checks of the filter, making sure tank lids are secure, maintaining the leach field, and keeping accurate maintenance records are just a few of the items that should be on your to-do list annually. At OpenWindow Home Inspections, we can help you with all of your maintenance items and even help you keep up-to-date records.

Care For Your Septic System

If you properly maintain your septic tank, you will get many, many years of use out of it, and a well-constructed and -maintained system could last indefinitely. Following a few good habits like not using too much water, depositing materials, or dumping excessive amounts of household chemicals down the drain will prolong the life of the system and cut down on having to have the tank pumped so often.

Be Aware

Your leach field is one of the most important parts of the system. This is where it can make or break the system and is usually the most abused. Be cautious of where your leach field is located. Vehicle traffic should be avoided at all costs, sprinkler systems should not disperse over the leach field, and directing rainwater away will help keep the leach field in good working order. When OpenWindow Home Inspections conducts a septic inspection, we mark and provide pictures of where your leach field is located. We also check for any signs of traffic and any signs of damage to the leach lines.

Above the Tank and Leach Field

It isn’t ideal to plant trees or grow plants over the septic system, but if you do, then you should think about shallow-rooted varieties as the best choice. Some shallow-rooted trees and shrubs include Japanese maple trees, cherry trees, eastern redbud trees, azalea shrubs, or holly shrubs. None of the above choices should ever be grown directly over the septic tank itself as it may cause obstruction in having to pump or inspect the system. While we are inspecting your septic system, we make sure to check for any roots that may be a hinderance or even causing damage to the septic system.

If you have additional questions about our septic inspections or would like more information on how to maintain your septic system, please feel free to give us a call.