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We offer a variety of home inspection services.

At OpenWindow Home Inspections, we conduct thorough home inspections backed by years of experience. When you are buying or selling real estate, hire us to conduct the inspection of the property anywhere in Spring Lake, North Carolina.

We offer a variety of different home inspection services. Some of these include:

  1. Resale Home Inspections
  2. New Construction Inspections
  3. 12-Month Warranty Home Inspections
  4. Pre-Drywall Inspections
  5. Pre-listing Home Inspection
  6. HUD Certificate Inspections (as well as Property Characteristics & Condition, Permanent Foundation Certificate)
  7. Attic, Roof, and Crawlspace (ARC) Inspection
  8. Maintenance Inspection and Services
  9. Water Sampling Test (including testing for microbes such as coliforms, E. coli, nitrite, nitrate, lead, and other trace metals)
  10. Pests Inspections
  11. Radon Testing
  12. Septic Inspections
  13. Indoor Air Quality (AQI) Sampling
  14. Mold Testing
  15. HVAC Inspections
  16. Pool Inspections
  17. Infrared Inspections
  18. Verification of Repairs
  19. Many other services (septic tank lid repair, solar site inspections, septic pumping, specified inspections, including crawlspace, foundation, etc., walk-through inspections, detached building inspections, investors’ inspections, and well inspections)

We conduct every inspection with the goal of providing as much information as possible. Once complete, we provide a thorough report that outlines our findings as well as recommendations for taking care of any needed repairs.

If you need to schedule an inspection, we are excited to tell you more about what we offer. Contact us today to learn about the different inspections we conduct and to schedule your next inspection.