Real Estate Agent-Friendly Home Inspections

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As a real estate agent, have you ever called on a home inspector only to find that they aren’t as helpful as they could be? Fortunately, you’ll find something different here at OpenWindow Home Inspections!

Real Estate Agent-Friendly Home Inspections

As an established home inspection company, we understand that being agent-friendly home inspectors only helps us serve our clients better! After all, the goal is to make sure a house can become a home that a family can enjoy and live in safely for many years to come. There are a few ways we can help you as you work with your clients to buy and sell homes:

  1. Quick Appointment Times – We employ experienced home inspectors on our team so that we can provide faster turnaround times compared to some other home inspection companies. If you’re accustomed to working with a home inspector who’s booked out for three or four months, you’ll find it much easier to work with us to achieve your goals.
  2. Friendly Service – We believe that having good working relationships with both homeowners and real estate agents is part of what makes us successful. That’s why we offer real estate agent-friendly service to give you the confidence you’ve chosen a great home inspection team.
  3. Thorough Reporting – It is our mission to offer thorough home inspection reporting, no matter the scope and size of the job. We like to offer real estate agent-friendly services that include client education about the condition of a home they plan to buy or sell.

Ready to add us to your real estate agent support team? Call today to discuss your home inspection appointment needs!